Monday, 19 April 2010

British Craft Trade Fair

Hello everyone,
Im just about recovering from my time at Harrogate at BCTF.....had a fantastic time and met some great people from all over the country. I managed to get time to have a mooch around the fair and the work was exceptional, if items were available to purchase I would have spent a fortune! As it was my first trade fair event, I was extremely nervous but I received some good orders on the first day so I was chuffed to bits and started to relax. I definitely want to take part next year so I need to start saving some money now! I have put a photo on here to show you my stand (and home) for three days! (dont worry I didn't sleep under my table....I had a very comfy bed at the Premier Inn round the corner!!)

Sarah xx


  1. Busy! Had a few more orders since I got home! How have you got on?

    Sar xx