Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ok, ok, im rubbish at blogging!

I cant believe the last time I wrote on here was back in January! Oh so much has happened since then! Work aside, we have a new addition to our family...Sparky the dog! He's adorable and is keeping us on our toes...he lives up to his name, he's so full of beans! We went to the rescue home and he caught my eye with his big beautiful eyes and skinny ribs, we just knew we had to take him home and feed him up. He's been with us for two months and is settling in nicely (although he doesn't like my workshop, but he will have to get used to it with me working from home!)

Ok, back to work.......various things have been bubbling for a while and im getting back into doing some art fairs and markets again. Im also a new member of the 'High Peak Artists' and Craftworkers' Association' and our work is situated at the heart of the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, Derbyshire. There are 36 local artists and craftspeople from the High Peak and our work includes paintings, ceramics, jewellery, photography, glass, turned wood, embroidery, calligraphy, lino cuts and etchings. Here is the link to the website Also, my website has been updated with the current list of the fairs I will be taking part in up to Christmas (ive mentioned the 'C' word already....sorry!)

I promise to try and keep a more up to date just so rubbish!
Bye for now!

Sarah x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Rain, rain go away....and don't come back for a while!

It's hard not to get the January blues, especially when the rain won't stop pouring! Luckily, today is much better and we even have sunshine for a change! Just makes you feel so much better and have some get up and go!
Im busy preparing for BCTF and trying to get some plans in place so that its not a last minute rush! I've been to the printers today and sorted out all of my business cards, comp slips thats another weight off my mind.
Im in full swing with getting my stock levels up and my bigger kiln has definitely helped matters, it was worth saving up for!
It feels strange to not be taking part in any craft fairs, but also quite glad to get my weekends back for a while. Im always on the lookout for good fairs to do and something that is quite local. My first fair is in sure it will be here in no time! I have updated my website today with all the fairs in taking part in (so far!)

Well, I best get back to it!

Bye for now x